Prof. Dr. Isabelle Buchstaller (German PI)

I am a variationist sociolinguist. My main areas of expertise are language variation and change, corpus linguistics and models and methods for collecting and analysing linguistic data. I am particularly interested in dialectal morpho-syntactic and discourse phenomena.

I am the director of the newly created Sociolinguistics Lab in Essen.


Dr hab. Małgorzata Fabiszak (Polish PI)

My research interests focus on critical discourse analysis, collective memory and cognitive linguistics. I authored books and articles on the meaning of emotions, war discourse, conceptual metaphors, collective memory and identity.


Dr hab. Anna Weronika Brzezińska (Co-investigator)

My research interests focus on cultural heritage, its social perception and protection as well as on increasing social and cultural participation of local communities.

I am a member of the Board for Intangible Heritage, a delegate for the subgroup on intergenerational transmission. Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage (since 2013) and an expert of the Poznan City Hall for Culture, Arts, Protection of Cultural and National Heritage.


Dr Seraphim Alvanides (Mercator Fellow)

I am an urban social geographer, with expertise in quantitative methods and Geographical Information Systems and Science (GIS/Sc). My earlier research interests involve the analysis of population census data in order to identify patterns of social deprivation and health inequalities. My more recent work concerns obesogenic environments, such as availability of food outlets and physical activity opportunities, in the context of social/environmental justice.


Frauke Griese M. Ed.

My research interests include linguistic landscapes, language and ideology (in particular war correspondence and propaganda), English in Ireland and Scotland and conceptual semantics. My PhD project concerns Irish and Scottish soldier's letters from the First World War.


Patryk Dobkiewicz, MA

I have graduated from a conference interpreting MA programme. My research interests revolve around Critical Discourse Studies, Right-wing populist discourse, and Cognitive Linguistics. My PhD project concerns the influence of the interpreter’s linguistic choices on the perception of populist discourse.


Carolin Schneider M. Ed.

I am interested in critical discourse analysis, bilingualism and code-switching, language and gender and conversational analysis. My PhD project concerns Alzheimer’s Dementia and Bilingualism


Tomasz Dyrmo, MA

I am interested in cognitive linguistics, Gesture Studies and psycholinguistics. My PhD project concerns gestural viewpoint in coming out-related narratives.