Photo Gallery

From left to right: Anna Weronika Brzezińska, Małgorzata Fabiszak, Isabelle Buchstaller, Seraphim Alvanides at the Urban Language Research Conference in Graz on Jahngasse 02/11/2018. Friedrich Ludwig Jahn (1778–1852), “Turnvater Jahn” promoted the four Fs "frisch, fromm, fröhlich, frei" ("fresh, pious, cheerful, free") and advocated the rebuilding of the national spirit in Germany after the Napoleonic wars. In his own time he was viewed as a liberal educator. His thought was later linked with National Socialism, which makes him a controversial figure to some. He was commemorated in Stadt Posen between 1915-1920 with a statue in what was then Ludendorfplatz, today Zielone Ogródki. The statue was removed in 1920.

Isabella Buchstaller presenting the poster “Investigating ideological street renaming in Eastern Germany and Poland” at NWAV conference in New York. 17/10/2018

Advisory Board Meeting at Die Zeit online headquarters in Berlin 12/10/2018. From left to right: Frauke Griese (MILL project, RA), Andreas Loos (die Zeit online, data scientist), Peter Rosenberg (Viadrina, sociolinguist), Seraphim Alvanides (MILL project, social geographer), Malgorzata Fabiszak (MILL project, Polish PI), Isabelle Buchstaller (MILL project, German PI), Barbara Soukup (Austrain Academy of Sciences, sociolinguist), Patryk Dobkiewicz (MILL project, RA).

Małgorzata Fabiszak and Isabelle Buchstaller on the way to conference dinner at LAUD conference. 24/07/2018

Isabelle Buchstaller, Małgorzata Fabiszak and the border stone of the 1920 Polish-German border; field work in Zbąszyń 27/04/2018.